“MerLube”: same great products with a new color and a NEW PURPOSE.



What is the purpose of “GOING GREEN”?


MerLube products have always been safe to use and safe for the environment.  We have prided ourselves in not succumbing to competitive forces which require additives of questionable safety.


We continue to bring new improved and competitive products to the user. We have never changed our product to deviate from our original philosophy which is:


we will never make a product that can hurt or harm

the user or the environment.  


Our lubricants will reflect a new green color without any change in performance. Simply stated, our green products perform with the same excellence as they always have. They still remain safe to use, environmentally friendly and non-carcinogenic, non-toxic and non-flammable.


So what else is new?


Coupled with safe green lubricant products our packaging is now recyclable or



Products and packaging: safe to use, safe for the environment.  It’s the MerLube way!  It’s the only way!


Our expanded philosophy is:


we continue to  never make a product that can hurt      or harm the user or the environment and ship only in     contaners that equal our commitment of not hurting

or harming the user or the 'envrioment.



Our "going green" is more than an action but an  ongoing  commitment to excellence in

everything we do.