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Welcome to the Mer*Lube Lubricant Division.

Merlube  specializes in Lubricants and Lubricating Equipment. The Merlube lubricants' are of the highest technology and are all environmentally safe. Our manufacturing plant is located in the historic city of Akron, Ohio. From this website you can access all the information about our products and even download our MSDS Sheets.


Merlube also focuses its attention on the customer's application. Some companies use Merlube for aluminum sawing, others use it to drill D2 Hardened Steel. These companies can benefit from our expertise and knowledge from years of experience in the industrial field.


Check this out! You can now see how Merlube works! Visit our new video section here.


Merlube’s BLADESAVER 24/7 is a specially formulated lubricant designed specifically for the aluminum cutting industry.

Merlube’s QUICK-KUT is a specially formulated lubricant designed specifically for the steel cutting industry.

Merlube’s ALUMA-KUT 1776 is a specially formulated, non-staining lubricant designed specifically for the post heat treated aluminum cutting industry.


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