Merlube Div, Adtec of Ohio Inc. "Corporate Profile"

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mer*lube lubricants

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Mission Statement:

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MerLube's corporate mission statement simply reads:

"Our mission is the unyielding and continuing effort by everyone in our organization to profitably understand, meet and exceed the needs of our customers." 

Company Profile:

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The MerLube Div. was founded in June 1983. Its first corporate division was formed around the successful experiences of the owner in developing products of micro lubrication. Under tight guidelines a complete product mix of environmentally safe lubricants and appropriate dispensing systems were developed. It has served various aspects of the industrial sector since its founding.


In 2003, MerLube decided to enter the consumer products market by developing lubricants for the sports and hobby enthusiasts. It has a variety of products tailored towards cycling, fishing, skateboarding, and model trains, as well as products for the home workshop.


Resource Filling, a sister company to MerLube,  was founded around the need in 1983 to purchase high speed computerized filling machines to satisfy the of filling bottles for its lubricant customers.  Since that time it has been contracted by distributors and users alike to fill bottles of various sizes and ingredients. It generally seeks to satisfy a void between large contractor fillers and the person requiring smaller quantities that did not justify their consideration of the enormous financial commitments for owning their own equipment.


Our sales offices are located in Copley, Ohio with manufacturing being in two locations: Akron and Copley.


We are also affiliated with Global Systec Segments, a manufacturer of vitrified Blanchard type grinding segments. While independent of each other, we share some manufacturing resources for greater efficiencies.



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All of our manufacturing and services are geared towards making the best, consistent, environmentally safe, and affordable products that are available. All of our products proudly display "Made in USA". 


We utilize cross training and cell group manufacturing to maximize employment dollars. We have never had a worker layoff in our history. We hire when needed and train each employee to do multiple functions throughout our operating divisions. 


Our processes start with the most advanced systems available and that technology is utilized throughout our manufacturing cycles. 


Our commitment to quality is ongoing and serious. Everything we do is done remembering one fact: our customer is our most important asset. 


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Service is not a buzzword. Service is a commitment to excellence. We take service very seriously.

It starts by answering our phones and your questions. No voice-mail, real people. An old fashion method that still works and seems appreciated by all our customers. Call us and talk to live people. Expect answers, and get them. It is the beginning definition of customer service. 


Service continues with quality control. We use step by step controls at every stage of manufacturing. We continually look for new and more efficient ways to manufacture. Everything we do is made to keep quality of our product exceptional and the price reasonable. We have fully documented procedures and monitoring capabilities. 


Service continues with quality materials. Our supplier relationships are term. We feel that quality has a founding with long term partnerships. We work on loyalties to our vendors assuring the best service and raw materials available. 


Service ends when our customers call us say "thank you". It satisfies our efforts and means a job well done. It begins again when you call and say, "I've got a problem." It means a new opportunity to prove ourselves again. 

Try us, you won't be disappointed!

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