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MerLube: Frequently Asked Questions

The following MerLube questions have been repeatedly asked over the years. If your question is not among these email us at We will respond to you promptly.


1. What is meant by our phrase “the MerLube system”? 3/16/98

The MerLube system answers the question how to apply the different forms of

our lubricant most effectively. The liquid requires a metering device while our

solid forms are self contained in different dispensing forms. Our paste is

applied in several ways.

2. How safe are the MerLube family of lubricants? 5/24/98

All MerLube lubricants are non-hazardous! MerLube has always been safe to

use, safe in the environment, and if used or spilled is not hazardous under any

definition of laws governing hazardous products.

3. Is MerLube non carcinogenic? 1/11/99

MerLube is non-carcinogenic, non-toxic and non-hazardous. 6/28/99

4. What is the cause of smoke when I use MerLube lubricant? 7/7/99

When the quantity of applied MerLube exceeds its need, MerLube boils off to

a harmless smoke. This is predominately noticeable when too much MerLube

is being applied. This condition happens because the excess liquid is burned

up by the hot chips where we want the heat to be dissipated. We always

desire to have the tool and part cool. The smoke will be eliminated by

adjusting the consumption rate, usually by a downward adjustment of the size

of drop being sent by the pump. Refer to your Merlicator manual for proper

flow and quantity adjustments or check our website for additional information.

5. Why do I need a Merlicator applicator? 4/12/00

The most economical and effective method of applying MerLube liquid is by

using a Merlicator. It is designed to deliver micro drops of liquid precisely

where it is needed. MerLube can be metered to effectively deliver 1/8 of an

ounce of liquid over an 8 hour period consistently. It is this unique metering

characteristic that has lead to purchases by our customers for other than use

with MerLube liquids.

6. Can I apply MerLube liquid other than with a Merlicator? 5/17/00

Yes. MerLube has been applied using a spray bottle, a rag, brushed on with

either a small paint brush or our Merli-brush. The Merlicator represents the

most effective method of applying the liquid from both an application and

economic standpoint.

7. Why do you have different forms of MerLube? 10/12/01

We offer portable form of MerLube for the construction, homeowner, and the

machinist that require MerLube to be used when it is not convenient or

practical to use a Merlicator. MerLube is effectively applied to screws, keys,

sliding surfaces, portable saws, drills, taps and many other tools for the same

reason that the liquid is used. MerLube reduces friction and heat and allows

the tool to last longer and work more efficiently. It is available in a solid and

paste, as well as a brush in can for the liquid.

8. What is the purpose of the MSDS sheet? 12/14/01

MSDS sheets are the means of informing the user how clean and safe it is to

use and store our product. It gives serious attention to medical issues, and

also identifies what to do in case of spills. It also details the governing issues

of the product. Our MSDS sheets are all listed on our website under MSDS.

9. What does SARA pertain to? 3/13/02

SARA is the law which requires any manufacture of a product to list the

hazardous ingredients in a product on its label. Since MerLube does NOT

contain any hazardous ingredients we do not list anything on our label. We

are compliant with the SARA law.

10. Your lubricant doesn’t have warnings listed. Why? 3/28/02

Because we have nothing in any MerLube products that are hazardous,

combustible, or flammable we are not required to make reference to those

issues. We do list on all of our literature and on our website that we are not

hazardous, flammable, or combustible. We also list that we are biodegradable,

non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and non-hazardous.

11. Why do you have different colors? 7/9/02

We use color to identify some of our products. Most of our products are green

so it is important that you identify MerLube products by their number: 829,

918, 422, 517, 317 etc.

12. Will MerLube work on my miter saw on aluminum? 10/12/02

Using MerLube on any saw will increase the life of the saw substantially.

MerLube will also eliminate loading, and reduce burrs on the finish cut to

almost non-existent.

13. How would you apply MerLube for tapping? 6/12/03

MerLube and MerTap 317 are all available in a brush-in-can package.

14. Will MerLube work on turning applications? 9/21/04

MerLube can and does work on turning if care is given in understanding how

the lubricant works. MerLube must always be applied before the cut and be

reapplied before it is consumed in the cut. Contact the factory for more

guidance and information concerning this application.

15. Why would I use MerLube on resin fibre disc? 2/11/05

Using MerLube on fibre disc will double to triple the life of the disc as well as

improve the finish of the part being sanded. In this application MerLube is

generally applied using the solid form. Contact our specialist for more detailed


16. I have a 6” x 100” belt sander. Can I use MerLube on it? 4/18/05

MerLube, when used sparingly, on abrasive belts will extend the life of the

belt dramatically. We have customers that claim 3 to 5 times belt life when

applied correctly. It is important that you consult with our specialists when

using MerLube on abrasive belts. Abrasive belt applications represent one of

the biggest potential savings in dollars. Using MerLube will also improve

finishes and reduce power consumption of the machine because of the

tremendous reduction in power needed.

17. Will MerLube work on coated tools? 8/23/05

Like all tools, coated or uncoated, using MerLube will enhance tool life,

improve finish and increase the ability to create faster feeds and speeds.

18. Are there size limitations to my face mill? 10/21/06

No. MerLube has proven effective on all HS and carbide milling cutters

19. Will MerLube work on all metals? 8/12/07

MerLube is effective on all metals from the softest to the hardest and

toughest without staining. It also works on plastics.

20. Will MerLube work on sawing wood? 9/13/07

MerLube will eliminate the pitch build up on band saws when cutting wood.

Care must be given to usage amounts. Our MerLube Slick Stix has shown

exceptional results in extending blade life and straightness of cut when

resawing large pieces of wood on a vertical band saw.

21. What do I need to do if I spill MerLube? 1/12/08

Since MerLube is non-hazardous no special efforts are required other than

what is safe and prudent within the guidelines of your shop.

22. Does MerLube work on stamping? 1/16/08

MerLube will dramatically improve the punch and die life on any stamping

operation. MerLube has been used very effectively on stainless, aluminum

and brass.

23. Is a Merlicator owner’s manual available to help me with

adjustments? 2/12/09

A user’s manual is included with every Merlicator. It is a detailed manual that

explains the adjustments and setup procedures. It also contains helpful hints

for operation. This manual is also available on our website.


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