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Thank you for your interest in becoming an online distributor for Merlube Div., Adtec of Ohio Inc.


To qualify for becoming an online distributor you must meet minimum sales and operation standards and must agree to sell Merlube products exclusively on your website and at your retail locations. To learn more about our online distribution program please contact Barbara Anderson at Merlube at 330-666-8609 or email here.

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Mer*Lube is a division of JJ Merlin Systems which specializes in Lubricants and Lubricating Equipment. The Mer*Lube lubricants' are of the highest technology and are all environmentally safe. Our abrasive segments will allow you to fully utilize the capacity of your vertical spindle grinder. Our grinding wheel segments cut faster, generate less heat, hold form, produce heavy stock removal rates, and give desirable finishes.


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